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What we do

We are reimagining health and wellness products that are safe, natural and radically effective

Bringing simpler and more effective solutions to women everywhere

On a Mission to Make Things That Matter

On a mission to make things that matter

Our vision is to build the world’s most kick ass company that serves women in the ways that make the greatest difference in improving every area of a woman’s life. 

We are obsessed with well being--the kind that emanates from the core and radiates out into everything the do. 

We believe that women shouldn’t be held back by societal norms that for decades have oppressed and undermined them.

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Our First Product: Kegelbell


We are the one company to not underestimate a woman's strength.

We have the most powerful kegel exercise weight set on the market and it works to accelerate results with less work for busy women.

Simple, fast, and natural so women can go out and do what they want in life. Real women's health

Visit: kegelbell.com

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