Why Kegelbell Was Created

In this 40 second video, you will hear from Kegelbell's founder and inventor about the reasons why Kegelbell can help women have the life they want.

How big is the need for Kegelbell?

The inventor and founder of Kegelbell explains the seriousness of the problem. She describes how many women are holding back in life from the symptoms of weak pelvic muscles and how terrible are the options in the marketplace, like electroshock, lasers, and cheap plastic toys.

Why Use Kegelbell?

The vagina is not just hair and skin, it is an intricate architecture of muscles. These muscles need to be strong to do many important tasks. The fastest, easiest and most natural way to keep these muscles healthy is with weight training. Yes, what works for your biceps also works for pelvic floor muscles. Kegelbell--Lift where it counts!

How and When to Use Kegelbell

Kegelbell is different than any other kegel ball or vaginal weight set. It is the only one with the weights suspended outside the body. This results in less time using with better results faster. Just 5 minutes 3 times a week in a private place in a bath or shower and you will get results you are looking for.

Kegelbell Launch Party

Take a peak at our launch party and you will see two historic things! (1) is the original design of the Kegelbell (2) that the company was once call Oojaah! Things change over time, but what does not change is the support of all the great men and women who rally to support women's health through Kegelbell.