Kegelbell Customer Testimonials

Beautiful, healthy, grandmother hiking with her granddaughter.

Dr. MaryAnn Dakkak, ObGyn

Ladies: talk about sex, talk about specific body parts, talk about incontinence. Teach your kids before they’re at the age of embarrassment. And then tell your friends about the kegel bell. Non invasive and life changing for incontinence, sexual dysfunction and more. Other countries have so much more access to perineal physical therapy. Somehow we have a huge stigma around talking about perineal health. Anyhow, please send this far and wide.  

Lora A.

As women, we seek out the best cleanser, make-up, diets, and exercise for our bodies. This is one area we tend to neglect. I don't believe intentionally. However, we are sometimes reminded by a sneeze, cough, or some sort of aerobic activity. Then we tell ourselves "Darn it! Need to do those Kegels! This is a great and very effective way to work it into your everyday routine. Check it out and see for yourself . ❤️😎💪🏋️‍♀️

Jennifer V.

Two years ago, I was introduced to the founder, who wanted to talk to fit moms. I had issues working out without peeing myself (a very real issue post child birth) and I could barely run 3 miles without feeling like my organs were going to come out (another pretty common issue that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT!). I was so intrigued I offered to test the prototype. BOOM! Problems fixed! With the amount of intense training I have put my body through these past two years, my issues should have intensified. But with a little up keep from Kegelbell I am good to go

Jamie G.

Women you MUST try this! Kegelbell solves the problem you didn’t even know most women have! After just a few weeks of using @kegelbell I could ride my bicycle without any leaks! It has truly changed my life. I had NO IDEA since I never discussed this with ANYONE how much a universal problem vaginal floor weakness is and HOW GREAT I would feel using it! I am truly grateful. Thank you Kegelbell


Being able to squeeze my husband strongly gives me great visual pleasure. 


I am so happy that Kegelbell is bring these extremely common yet unmentionable by many women's health issues to the forefront. Even my (male ) GI Doctor would not discuss my fecal incontinence or improvement in urinary incontinence with Kegelbell. This is shameful: not the issue but the taboos even in the medical field! Thank you for giving me a way to take my health into my own hands and the wonderful results! I wanted to use Kegelbell for vaginal health but also am having wonderful increased sexual enjoyment as well! I think every woman should know about Kegelbell!