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Women’s wellness brand introduces Kegelbell


Kegelbell Takes Aim at Solving One of the Biggest Issues Plaguing Women’s Wellness with Kegelbell, the First-of-its-Kind Feminine Health Weightlifting System


Women’s wellness brand introduces Kegelbell, a workout system designed for women to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles through simple, easy kegel exercises.

(PHOENIX, January 6, 2019) Women's health and wellness products company, MatterMission, announces today a fundamental transformation of how women take care of their bodies, beginning with pelvic health and the introduction of Kegelbell, the first vaginal weight lifting system targeting the hard to reach pelvic floor muscle. 

Seventy-eight percent of women suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles, the main consequence of which is vaginal laxity. Kegelbell helps women target the pelvic floor muscle effectively and simply. The pelvic floor muscle can be the source of embarrassing and problematic symptoms that affect more than half of women of all ages today, most notably bladder issues including urgency and leakage and sexual problems, including dryness. 

Kegel exercises are one of the ways to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. 

Women are told by their mothers, friends, or doctors to kegel. But most have no idea what that really means. We see a fundamental transformation of how women take care of their bodies.

“We make health and wellness simple for women with products that solve problems at the root naturally, safely and affordably,” explains Founder and CEO, Stephanie Schull, PhD. “Our vision is to put millions of women in control of their health and well-being so they can live their greatest possibilities.”

For decades pelvic floor strength has been overlooked or ignored by millions of women unaware of its importance. Many factors can weaken a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, including pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, aging, high-impact workouts and weight gain.


Three out of four women perform kegel exercises incorrectly: Most women contract their buttocks or their abdomen when attempting a kegel contraction, never actually squeezing the inner vaginal muscle which is the access point to strengthening the pelvic floor muscle. Doctors recommend performing 100 minutes of kegels a week, yet most women will admit to never doing them at all. 

Kegelbell solves the problem of kegels gone bad (or not done at all) with a weight training system that allows women to do the perfect, muscle-strengthening kegel exercise in less time, no fuss and with the greatest strength-building results. 

Designed in Germany and Phoenix, Kegelbell is a sleek, bell-shaped weight system that women use to perform a kegel exercise. She simply inserts the Kegelbell ball which connects to the bell-shaped weight that hangs outside the body. Using the vaginal muscle to hold the weight for short burst workouts, she is complete in five minutes or less and can go on with her day. When done three times a week, users report results from a stronger pelvic floor in as little as two weeks.

Kegelbell’s clever nesting design enables women to easily stack weights as their strength increases over time. The 6-piece kegel system comes with four weights totaling one pound, and two inserts to ensure best fit. 

 “Kegels without weights can best be compared to squeezing your arm alone,” explains Kegelbell inventor and MatterMission Founder and CEO, Stephanie Schull, PhD. “Bicep muscles won’t strengthen nearly as quickly as when you add dumbbells. Both can be effective, but adding weight will provide better results over the long term.”

“I feel better and in more control of my body when lifting or running…”, said Jennifer Vollmann, a Kegelbell user, Olympic weightlifter and mother of one. “After the birth of my daughter, I noticed several alarming changes in my body. When running, it felt like my lower organs were falling. The other was bladder issues like peeing when I sneezed or cough, and especially when I was at the bottom of a deadlift. After just two weeks of using Kegelbell, I saw a difference, and now I feel stronger, more protected and the pelvic organ heaviness and my bladder issues are gone.”


Dr. Arnold Kegel published a paper in 1942 explaining the benefits of strengthening the pelvic floor muscle and its correlation in helping stop urinary incontinence, bladder urgency and improved sexual response. More than  seven decades later and millions of women have yet to discover the pelvic health connection themselves. Until now.

 “Our vision is to solve the nagging problems that plague millions of women,” explained Stephanie Schull, PhD Kegelbell’s inventor. “It’s time we target the root of the problem with a solution that just works, elegantly and quickly.” 

In the U.S., more pads are sold for incontinence than menstruation. 

The Kegelbell method is the fastest, simplest and safest way to build and tone pelvic floor muscle for inner strength that counts.

Kegelbell retails for $128 and can be ordered now at an introductory, discounted rate at

Kegelbell sold out and will begin shipping again in March 2019.

About MatterMission

Meet MatterMission, a new kind of products and services company that aims to make health and wellness simple, fast and noninvasive for modern women by targeting problems at the root. MatterMission aims to reinvent how women live with and address common everyday health and wellbeing issues with solutions that work simply. MatterMission's flagship brand is Kegelbell. Kegelbell is the first and only weight training system that allows women to do a perfect, super-kegel that instantly and most efficiently activates the correct muscles essential for pelvic floor muscle strength and overall pelvic organ health.

About Kegelbell

Kegelbell helps women lift where it counts with the world’s first and only kegel weight training system that makes it easy to strengthen one of the most important yet hardest-to-reach muscles: the pelvic floor muscle. Kegelbell includes a series of nesting weights and two sized inserts. Unlike kegel contractions alone, standard kegel balls or complicated bluetooth-enabled devices, Kegelbell enables women to instantly activate the correct muscles essential for pelvic organ health quickly and efficiently strengthening the pelvic floor in short 5-minute workouts just a few times a week. Kegelbell is available at