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About Us

Stephanie Schull, PhD, Inventor and Founder

Stephanie's mission is to improve health and wellbeing by reimagining products that are simple, safe and radically effective for millions of women everywhere.

Stephanie believes very strongly in the need for not only Kegelbell, but a company, like Matter|Mission, to destigmatize the space of women's health and give women permission to seek out remedies to the issues that have interrupted their happiness for years. 

Joerg Knyrim, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

Joerg is a teacher and researcher at a scientific university in Germany. He has developed many international best selling products for women's health. We are proud his German engineering is a fundamental part of all of our products. We are committed to creating safe, natural, environmentally responsive, products that use brilliant design to solve long standing problems.

Team and Advisors

Michelle Lott, FDA officer

Jennifer Vollmann, Customer Relations  <--pictured finishing the Ironman!!! 

Rick Lopez, Esq, Attorney

Steven Santisi, Esq, Patent Attorney

Kellie Zimmet, HR

Laura Hall, PR

Scott Pollov, Finance

Greg Head, Marketing

Anu Bhardawaj, Women Investing in Women

Dr. Mia di Julio, MD, ObGyn, UCLA

Dr. MaryAnn Dakkak, MD, MSPH, ObGyn, Assistant Professor at Boston Medical Center, Women’s Health Lead

Our community


Our founder participated in  SEED SPOT's incubator. SEED SPOT supports entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to social problems. SEED SPOT is nationally known for helping entrepreneurs thrive. Courtney Klein and her team (shout out to Lauren McDanell!)  help entrepreneurs connect with partners, investors, policy makers around the country. They are the leading social impact incubator in the country.

I Million Cups

Our founder enjoyed presenting twice to this awesome crowd of entrepreneurs. A weekly event for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the thriving peer network of founders in Phoenix. We just love the crew: Darryl Keaton, Luke Miller, Katie Hess, Leslie Pico, Cody Faeth! 

PHX Start Up Week

Our founder pitched at MedTech Day and also did a product development talk at the main conference of PHX Startup Week. MedTech Day: Specifically designed to showcase Biomedical and Health-tech companies in Arizona that are disrupting the healthcare space. Greater Phoenix is regionally competitive and a national leader in the healthcare and biomedical industries.  Sponsored by Heidi Jannenga's WebPT and Brenda Schmidt's Solera

Know Tribe

Our founder was featured in KNOW, an annual publication featuring 100+ dynamic women from virtually every industry. Every woman featured in KNOW has been vetted through peer-review. Because the mission is to showcase the best and brightest, the only way one can claim their slot is through nomination. The women featured are a compilation of proven leaders, high producers, and rising stars. Those published in KNOW book are also considered trendsetters, influencers, and women to watch.

Women Investing in Women

Our founder is proud to have joined the Opportunity to Grow Pitch Session curated by Women Investing in Women Digital at the inaugural Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit—and to be featured in the inaugural issue of World Women Report, a quarterly publication dedicated to covering women around the globe—as investors, drivers of the economy, activists, founders, thought leaders and more.  


Our founder is a Board Member of this new and exciting health laboratory. In partnership with ASU’s E+I programs, the development of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation's Health Entrepreneurship Accelerator Lab (ASU E+I @ HEAL) is the first-ever accelerator for students, faculty and the community at ASU to launch initiatives that focus entirely on health and healthcare solutions.  Through outreach, programming, networking, strategic partnerships and mentorship, the lab supports startup activities by connecting students to its own resources, the knowledge base of the expert faculty and the resources of the university and community. 

Contact Us


2929 N Power Rd, Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85215, US

(267) 712-9150